The Boston Bruins host the St. Louis Blues tonight for Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals. 

The series is tied 2-2 and really looks like it could go either way at this point. 

Unfortunately for the Bruins, their captain and leader, Zdeno Chara, seems to have suffered a broken jaw and his status for Game 5 is up in the air. 

WEEI's Christian Fauria reports that Chara is out for the series however that may be far from the truth. 

Somebody who's a lot closer to the team, The Athletic's Joe McDonald, says it's more than likely Chara plays Game 5. 

“Good luck telling that guy he can’t play,” said teammate Noel Acciari yesterday. “He definitely can be effective (if he plays) just with his presence. He’s a true leader and he’s not going to want to miss the final two or three games of the Stanley Cup final. I don’t expect him to, but I’m not a doctor.”

McDonald even spoke to an NHL trainer about the injury.

“I think he’s playing,” said one Eastern Conference trainer, who does not have direct knowledge of the injury. “I’d be surprised if he doesn’t.”

“Not knowing the severity of it, or how stable or unstable it is, if it is unstable just a little contact to it could make things significantly worse,” said the NHL trainer. “It will depend on the fracture, too. Is it just a crack in the bottom of the jaw? If so, then it’s just a pain issue and if it’s stable you protect it.”

Source: Joe McDonald The Athletic