We're officially in the month of August and general manager Don Sweeney still hasn't been able to get some big contracts done. 

Charlie McAvoy and Brandon Carlo remain unrestricted free agents as we get closer and closer towards training camp. 

Boston currently has $7.2million of salary cap space to fit the duo in, however that likely won't be enough. 

We've heard plenty of chatter over the last season that Torey Krug could be moved before he becomes UFA next summer, however it's more than likely Sweeney keeps him around and tries to get a deal done. 

That's why James O'Brien of NBC Sports points out that Kevan Miller could likely be the salary cap casualty. 

The 31 year old has one year remaining on his deal at an affordable $2.5million and doesn't carry any type of trade protection.

Miller has had a bit of a tough injury run, but he can probably still be moved for a draft pick bringing the Bruins' cap space up to $9.7million. 

Source: NBC Sports