A couple of weeks ago Boston Bruins' goalie Tuukka Rask said he was thinking about possible retirement. 

Rask said he wanted to spend more time with his family and pondered the idea of hanging up his skates once his current contract was over. 

That story blew up immediately and he walked it back a bit. 

Now a month later, he's totally walking back those comments as now he's thinking about a contract extension. 

Rask will be able to start talking extension with the Bruins once this season is over, whenever that is, and he's ready to get the conversation started. 

“I’ve used this time off just to get my mind off of hockey and just focus on family,” Rask said. “We travel a lot and it gets taxing mentally sometimes to be away from your family, so I’ve just tried refocus my energy to the family and just try to be present here at home. I know this summer I can start talking to the Bruins about a possible extension and when that day comes we’ll see what happens, but I definitely haven’t put any thought into retirement.”

“I haven’t thought about retirement at all,” Rask said. “It’s been such a weird time now that I’ve put full focus on my family at this time and trying to enjoy that.”

“Winning drives me,” he said. “I haven’t put a number into it that what age it might be, but we’ll see. Maybe it’s 36, or 37. Maybe it’s 42. Maybe I’ll be the goalie who plays to 45; maybe not.”

From retirement to playing until he's 45?

Big change of heart for Tuukka. 

Source: The Athletic