The Boston Bruins are without Tuukka Rask to start the season and he's not even officially a part of the team at the moment. 

While recovering from surgery Rask is actually currently an unrestricted free agent and one of the most talented players available. 

Rask will be eligible to play about half way after the season if he makes a full recover and he plans on suiting up. 

To top it off he only plans on playing for one team.... the Boston Bruins. 

While appearing on the Greg Hill show, Rask mentioned that he's willing to take a hometown discount to stay in Boston and he only wants to play for one team. 

“I think, I played on one team when I was in Finland and I’ve been so lucky to be part of one team in the NHL,” Rask said. “For me, it’s about that pride of playing for one team and one team only. I have no reason to chase the money anymore and go somewhere else. I feel the Bruins are my home, Boston is my home and I’ve always wanted to play here, wanted to stay here. The money won’t be an issue.

We had a conversation with ‘Sweens’ [Bruins GM Don Sweeney] and I said I’d be a cheap goalie. I’m not looking for a $7 million contract anymore, I’m at the end of my career. I’d just like to help the team out. I feel like I’m a veteran goalie and there’s some young guys coming in, so whatever I can do to help the guys out, I would do it and end my career as a Bruin.”

Rask has been the target of much criticism during his time in Boston but has been one of the most consistent goalies in the NHL.