The Boston Bruins dropped a tough game to the Washington Capitals last night which didn't feature a lot of push from the Bruins. 

Despite the overall effort from the B's, it was one specific play that was all over the headlines this morning. 

That of course is Alex Ovechkin's spear on Trent Frederic right in the jock. 

People were calling for Ovechkin to be suspended and the NHL Department of Player Safety announced this morning that he was fined $5k for the incident. 

Frederic met with the media after practice and was obviously asked about the incident and how he felt the next day. 

“Good. Slept well last night,” Frederic said over Zoom. “Nothing really bothering me, so all good.”

As for the lack of suspension?

“That’s out of my paygrade. The NHL does a good job with all that stuff so I just leave that up to them."

What do you think about Frederic's comments?