The Boston Bruins and general manager Don Sweeney have a huge task ahead of them and as time ticks on, it doesn't seem like they'll get it done. 

Defenseman Torey Krug will be UFA this offseason and all signs point to a divorce between the two sides. 

It's been pretty tense publicly and Krug has repeatedly stated that he hasn't received any offers from the Bruins and isn't really looking to take a one year contract or hometown discount. 

Some recent comments by Sweeney shows just how tense it must be between the two sides. 

Sweeney was asked about Krug's comments and how he doesn't feel the Bruins are trying to bring him back. 

"We haven't found a landing spot. ... He's entitled to say whatever the hell he feel he wants to say." 

He added he has lots of respect for Krug and has nothing against a player trying to get paid. 

Does Sweeney's tone indicate Krug is gone.