Some people wanted to see Marcus Johansson return in a Boston Bruins uniform, however it's not happening. 

Before we got to July 1st, there was reports of mutual interest between the Bruins and Johansson however nothing got done before July 1st. 

Apparently that interest wasn't as strong as we thought. 

Sweeney confirmed to the media that he never made a contract offer to Johansson and believes his replacement could be in house. 

“I think Danton Heinen, depending on what side you play him on,” said Sweeney. “Whether it’s Karson or Senyshyn or Brett Ritchie, guys that are right shots, we could play lefty-righty and move Danton over. I think he fits into the same mold of player creative-wise. Marcus wasn’t a shoot-first guy either. Danton’s not. We’d like for him to shoot with a little more volume if he can.”

It's no guarantee but some people showed up last year that could step up again this year. 

“I’m not rubber-stamping any of that,” Sweeney said of his internal options. “But I do believe we have enough depth, which is an area I think showed up in this year’s team, that was very valuable. Hopefully, we recognize that we’ve addressed some of that, even though we couldn’t go fishing in the deepest of waters.”

Source: The Athletic