Boston Bruins' captain Zdeno Chara made headlines last week when he attended a local Boston Black Lives Matter protest. 

The B's defenseman stuck out during the protest with his 6'9 250lb frame.

Chara mentioned on his Instagram that recent events and attending the protests have been a life changing experience. 

While talking to reporters, general manager Don Sweeney commented on Chara's choice to participate. 

“From an organizational standpoint and a personal one, I applaud each and every players’ individual efforts in their own lives outside the realm of hockey. They’re human beings and they’re acting very, very well from the standpoint of humanity. I think [they both] acknowledged the listening aspect of this and the realization that we all can continue to do a much better job of that to mobilize our efforts.”

Chara wasn't the only one who decided to fight for justice and equal treatement. 

Bruins' forward Patrice Bergeron made a $50k donation.