The Boston Bruins were likely on the road to being the top seed in the NHL when the Stanley Cup Playoffs started. 

Then the pandemic hit and the season was put on pause. 

When the NHL revealed it's plans for return to play, despite being the top team in the league it was revealed the Bruins could actually end up the fourth seed when the playoffs start. 

Combine that with the fact that the Bruins might have lost a bit of momentum, some NHL coaches believe the time off has hurt the Bruins the most according to a poll by The Athletic. 

"One Eastern Conference head coach didn’t hesitate in naming Boston.

“Without even blinking,” he said. “They should be the No. 1 seed overall, and now they might be the fourth seed. That’s the only time I thought there was an injustice. Boston was clearly the No. 1 team.”

Another vote for Boston: “For some reason, I don’t know if it’s true or not, I feel like it’s Boston. They’re not any younger. … Their best players minus (Torey) Krug are older guys, and I don’t know if (after) not only an extended break but a time where you … spend very little time on hockey, (you) can hit the ground running.”"

The Bruins actually were tied in the poll with the Flyers, check it out below:

Source: The Athletic