After lots of speculation, the Boston Bruins finally revealed their 2019 Winter Classic Jerseys. 

Bruins' president Cam Neely described the jersey as a combination of tradition and a touch of 2018. 

"That's the balance," said Neely. "You certainly want to have that tradition of the Bruins and what's happened over the years, but also understand that it's 2018, so I think we had a nice combination there."

It's described as a jersey that pays tribute to the Bruins' of the 1930's. 

"I think it came out fantastic. I love the logo, I love going back through our team's history," Neely said of the adidas adizero Authentic jerseys. "There's so much great history and a lot of great uniforms that have been worn and to find a jersey - I think the 75th anniversary jersey was somewhat similar with the logo.

"This is going back to the '30s with the color scheme and the logo, so I think when you talk about Winter Classic and outdoor hockey, you think about a little more old school and that's why we went back to the '30s."

Check it out in the pictures below: