The Boston Bruins were bounced out of the playoffs a bit earlier than expected. 

While some people are pointing fingers at Tuukka Rask, his situation was unavoidable unlike David Pastrnak. 

Pasta was injured once again for the playoff run and according to head coach Bruce Cassidy, it was because of Pastrnak's lack of conditioning. 

The B's forward is just as frustrated by the situation. 

“To be honest, [it’s] very frustrating. My closest I felt to 100% was the last game of our [regular] season. I could totally tell the difference. It was obviously so much more fun when you’re feeling healthy and you feel like you can contribute more, and help the team more. It’s very frustrating,” said Pastrnak.

“This stuff is unfortunately part of hockey and its stuff you’re going to deal with and obviously try to prevent it as a player. These kinds of injuries just happen. How I said, [it was] unfortunate and very frustrating for myself.”

Pastrnak blames the fact that he was stuck in quarantine. 

“[The injury] wasn’t 100% at all, but I got to that point where I could play through it. I was happy that I could play. Training camp, I don’t know, it’s just unfortunate,” said Pastrnak. “The rules are I was stuck up in quarantine for 28 days with about 20 or 25 negative tests. That was obviously tough, and I really wish I could have been part of the training camp.

“Do I do something different? I came here two weeks before [training camp], it was unfortunate that I was close to someone with COVID-19. But I still had 23 negative tests. I just hope things are going to be normal. I’m going to fly to Boston as soon as I guess, a month, before the next training camp. I’m sure I’m not going to miss any time.”

What do you think of Pasta's comments? Is he just making up excuses?

Source: NBC Sports Boston