Officiating during the Stanley Cup Playoffs has been absolutely brutal from round one all the way to the finals.

That's why everybody has been on the edge of their seat waiting for the NHL to make their decision regarding who will wear the zebra uniforms for Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

When it comes to the Stanley Cup Finals, of course nothing stands out more than the brutal no call on Tyler Bozak as he tripped Noel Acciari during the late minutes of Game 5. That sequence led to the Blues scoring what would be the game winning goal just a couple of seconds after. 

The last thing the Boston Bruins wanted to see was that duo of Kelly Sutherland and Steve Kozari call the massively crucial Game 7 and they can breath a sigh of relief. 

Despite the NHL traditionally not letting one crew officiate the same team two games in a row, they've decided to roll with the crew from Game 6 which consists of Gord Dwyer and Chris Rooney. 

While the Bruins' are just 1-2 so far this series with Dwyer and Rooney, we're pretty sure they'd prefer that duo than having to deal with Sutherland and Kozari again. 

Source: John Shannon Twitter