The Boston Bruins await their second round opponent with the New York Islanders leading the Pittsburgh Penguins 3-2. 

This offseason, a couple of Bruins will be looking for new contracts. 

Two of them will be star players as Tuukka Rask and David Krejci will both be UFA after the season. 

President Cam Neely spoke on their offseason status today. 

“I haven’t talked to them myself personally about that, I kind of let the season go along and just let them focus on playing this year,” Neely said in a Zoom call. “My guess is that they would. I think they both would probably like to finish their careers are Boston Bruins, so let’s see what happens this off-season. But there’s something to be said about playing for one organization and right now, that’s what it’s looking like for both Tuukka [Rask] and David [Krejci].

Neely has loved Tuukka's game so far this Stanley Cup run. 

“Well, first of all, I think he’s been extremely dialed in this past series,” Neely said of Rask. “I thought he played really well. He was very poised. He was very square to the puck, in my opinion. I thought he handled rebounds really well. And he got out and played some pucks, which certainly helps the defensemen. Both Tuukka and our camp said we would table everything for the season to see how things go and get a better sense after the season’s over for how Tuukka is feeling, both mentally and physically, and we’ll go from there.”

What do you think of Neely's comments?