While we wait for word on what the NHL has planned to finish the season, lots of questions surround the 2020-21 season as well. 

For Boston Bruins' fans, the biggest question for next year remains the future of Torey Krug. 

Krug will be UFA after this season and the chatter has been that he's likely gone. 

Fans are hoping he signs an extension with the Bruins, but so far it's not looking likely as Krug once again confirmed there's been zero contract talks. 

"There hasn’t been any discussion" Krug said. "I’m very hopeful, and as I’ve said all along, I want to be part of this group and part of this locker room and part of the city. It’s become home for us, and we love it."

With all the recent time off, Krug has wondered if the front office is trying to test him or send a message. 

"I never thought about it during the season and while we were playing," Krug revealed. "Now that you have a second to sit back, you wonder a little bit more. Your mind wanders.

"Someone upstairs is just testing our patience a little bit. We always assumed we would at least have some sort of answer by July 1, and who knows if we will by then."

What do you think of Krug's latest comments?

Source: Sportsnet