Just a little bit before free agency opened there was a report that forward David Krejci had re-signed with the Boston Bruins. 

However as free agency came and went and nothing happened, not a word about the Krejci contract. 

Now a couple of days after and Krejci is officially a free agent and it's starting to look like Krejci's time with the Bruins might be over. 

“David and I have communicated pretty consistently over the last little while. Nothing has changed on that front. He has his own reasons, and he’s gonna keep those private as am I,” Bruins general manager Don Sweeney told reporters. “In terms of what his timeline is … we’ve left things completely open-ended about him possibly returning to play for us. So it’s not a definitive timeline. As you can see from several of the signings and the approach we took that the center ice position (is) a little bit by committee that we’re gonna have to do that and allow some players to get into some spots and hopefully perform to the level they’re capable of.”

It seems that not only is Krejci questioning his future with the Bruins but he might be questioning his future in the NHL all together. 

Various reports out there have the 35 year old walking away from the NHL and going to finish his hockey career in the Czech Republic so his children can grow up overseas immersed in the culture he grew up in. 

This is a very interesting story that we'll follow through the summer.