The Boston Bruins couldn't hold on last night and push for a win in overtime against the Tampa Bay Lightning. 

The loss means the Bruins will be leaving the bubble and their 2019-20 season has officially come to an end. 

It was quite the turn of events for the Bruins who went from the top team in the league to losing first seed in the round robin because the NHL's COVID tournament. 

With the Bruins' core getting older, it's clear there's only so much opportunity left. 

The B's already have lots of question marks regarding Tuukka Rask next season along with the possibility of Zdeno Chara hanging them up. 

This hit forward David Krejci hard after last night's game. 

“It just kind of hit me after the game that the core group, a few of us, we have one or two, three years left,” he said. “With the pandemic going on, you never know what’s going to happen. So, it’s just kind of –- I just got a little sad right now. At the same time, I don’t regret coming into this bubble and fighting for the Stanley Cup. If I would have to do it again, I would.”

Patrice Bergeron is aware that the clock is ticking on the group. 

“Yeah, it’s definitely something that crossed my mind,” he said during his Zoom postgame press conference. “You never want this to happen and obviously, see what happens I guess going forward. Obviously wish that everyone is coming back and we can have another chance at it. It’s always a pleasure and a treat when you’re going out there with guys that you’ve been around for 10-plus years. You’d like to keep that and carry that, and keep going. Keep going with them. Obviously, lots of very great young players as well that are on the rise and we should be excited about. But you’re right that, it’s a fact.”