Boston Bruins Brad Marchand is by far one of the league's most elite forwards, however he isn't always treated like one. 

It's usually because of his reputation and some previous antics he's pulled on the ice, but the reality is numbers don't lie and Marchand is among the elite point producers. 

Recently Marchand got some rare compliments thrown his way in an ESPN feature

Winnipeg Jets forward Mark Scheifele had lots of praise for the Bruins' forward. 

"I think Brad Marchand is one of the most effective guys in the league," says Winnipeg Jets center Mark Scheifele, who played with Marchand for Team Canada at the 2016 world championship.

"Everyone sees he has great hands, a great shot, great vision, but a lot of people don't see about his game is how well he takes pucks off the boards, how good he is in traffic, how good he is getting on the right side of guys, taking contact on the right side of them so he can get to the offensive side of it. He understands how to take that contact, and use it to his advantage. That's something he does better than probably than anyone in the league other than [Sidney] Crosby."

Scheifele like most Bruins' fans believe he's just misunderstood by his "haters". 

"For sure he's misunderstood," Scheifele says. "If you just watch him on TV, you don't get the full respect, because you see some antic that he does. But if you watch a full game of Brad Marchand, you see some pretty special plays."

Source: ESPN