Boston Bruins general manager Don Sweeney wasn't able to get it done as soon as he wanted but was able to get it done anyways. 

A big test for the GM this summer was getting both Charlie McAvoy and Brandon Carlo under contract, and while it sneaked into training camp, both are back in a Bruins' uniforms. 

Next year won't be any easier as he's looking at Torey Krug possibly hitting the open market as a UFA and he's also got to take a serious look at Jake DeBrusk as an RFA.

DeBrusk scored 27 goals in just 68 games last year, quite the follow up to his 16 goal rookie season and he realizes he might have to miss some training camp like Carlo and McAvoy did this year. 

“Obviously that’s going to be my situation . Hopefully not , but maybe, possibly next year just looking around the league you see different things with guys dragging it out,” said DeBrusk. “It’s one of those where you ask questions on the business side of it. Things change and different stuff happens with talks, but at the same time I mostly just try to stay out of it. I try to stay dialed in to get ready for training camp and the season. I guess when that time comes, though, I’ll be more aware of what to expect.”

As long as he keeps on improving, DeBrusk will be likely looking at a very nice payday next summer.

Source: NBC Sports Boston