The Boston Bruins head into training camp with a possible position battle. 

Bruins' head coach Bruce Cassidy said earlier this summer that Charlie Coyle is the team's new #1 center but somebody has really turned heads recently. 

Jack Studnicka spent his whole summer in Boston and put on 15 pounds of muscle in the process. 

He's been turning heads on the ice showing off his offensive skills and the 15 extra pounds of muscle could help him fight defensively on the ice. 

“I feel more explosive,” said Studnicka this week. “I wasn’t trying to put on all this bad weight, just trying to get faster, more explosive. I think it was just my body’s time, just catching up. Fortunately, I weigh a bit more and hopefully I’ll be able to push off guys and hold onto the puck longer and gain more explosiveness.

I just want to put my best foot forward, show that I had a good offseason, come in and work as hard as I can, play my game and hopefully everything works out well and I get a good opportunity here.”

Studnicka realized that the NHL is a different league and he's got to be stronger and faster than previously. 

“It’s a man’s league, so the focus was getting stronger, obviously. In past levels, in the American League, you could hold on to the puck easier regardless of your stature. Here, there’s big strong defensemen always in your face,” said Studnicka. “I knew I had to get stronger, so I believe I achieved that. Hopefully it translates. The numbers weren’t really there offensively for me, and I kind of pride myself on being an offensive guy. When I look back on it, there were opportunities and hopefully I can just build on that this year.”

Do you think Studnicka can blow Coyle out of the water at camp?

Source: Boston Hockey Now