One of the biggest stories everybody followed during the summer was the Jeff Skinner trade wait. 

New Carolina Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon made it clear that he wasn't happy with the team's roster and their would be a major overhaul. 

After a couple months of speculation, Skinner was finally moved to a surprising destination, the Buffalo Sabres. 

Part of the delay in the Skinner trade was that he has a full no movement clause. 

For a player who's scored 30 goals three times, it was surprising to see the return which was three draft picks (none of them being a first rounder) and prospect Cliff Pu. 

NBC Sports Joe Haggerty is convinced that Skinner blocked a trade to Boston, because he clearly fits one of the Bruins needs and was landed for a cost the Bruins would have been more than willing to pay. 

Maybe Skinner doesn't like Boston, or maybe he realized that he would have to play behind Brad Marchand and possibly Jake DeBrusk instead of being a first line left winger like he'll be in Buffalo. 

We'll probably never know if Boston made a push for Skinner, but it's an interesting thought by Haggerty. 

Source: NBC Sports Boston