Just over a week ago, NFL corner back Jalen Ramsey made some comments that ruffled a lot of feathers. 

Ramsey is no stranger to controversy as he's always vocal about his NFL opponents, however this time it was regarding NHL players. 

Ramsey stated he could make the NHL with about six months of practice. 

Various NHLers from Jack Eichel to Evander Kane shot down Ramsey's claims and this time it was Charlie McAvoy's turn. 

McAvoy, like most, laughed off the claim. 

“It’s not something you just pick up when you’re 23. I would never go ‘Hey I’ll go defend Odell Beckham Jr on a Hail Mary’! It’d be interesting to see him skate and see how hard it really is.”

What do you think of McAvoy's comments?

You can check out the full response below:

Image Credit: NHL