The 24 team playoff format is set for return to play but not everybody is happy. 

Despite 29 of 30 teams in the NHLPA voting yes, there's still been lots of criticism regarding the format including from Bruins' President Cam Neely.

Bruins' captain Zdeno Chara was asked about the criticism recently. 

"You can’t really blame anyone or feel that it’s unfair. For us, we have to be grateful for the opportunity we're getting," Chara said, per Sportsnet. "When you kind of look at the real-life perspective, what other people's families, businesses go through … Not everybody is getting the same chance, lots of people lost a lot of financial support, businesses went down and they will never get the same opportunities, so we have to be grateful for the opportunity."

A reality check by Chara. 

Source: Sportsnet