The Boston Bruins were embarrassingly shut out by the lowly New Jersey Devils on Sunday. 

What made it worse was that it was just a 1-0 game, the Bruins just needed two pucks in the net and they would have skated away with W. 

Instead the Bruins racked up another loss and are barely holding onto fourth place in the MassMutual Division. 

Head coach Bruce Cassidy says the team just doesn't have the offense and is being held together by it's defense. 

“We’re fighting to stay in the mix. I think we’ve done a good job with that,” said Cassidy. “We’re in every game. We are just, offensively… I think we’re a better defensive team makeup in terms of our roster. That’s why our numbers are very good defensively. Offensively, we’re not built to outscore teams.”

He also admits there's just no big shots on the backend that can help create shots that can be deflected. 

“They know we’re struggling to generate from up there,” Cassidy said of opponents. “They pack in even more. That’s where the teaching has to be better and the execution on the ice from the back end needs to be better in terms of getting it past the first layer so you have some opportunities for tips and deflections. Some of those lucky goals. Or at least it goes below the goal line and you can generate something from there. That’s one part of the offense we need to get better at. Grizz and Charlie have some ability there, a little more than the others. We saw it with both of the goals the other night against Buffalo.”