From all indications the NHL is ready to go ahead with a 24 team playoff format and skip the remainder of the 2019-20 regular season. 

This means of course that some teams that weren't likely going to make the playoffs like Montreal and Chicago are now in. 

It seems a bit unfair but there's no real way to make it fair considering the situation going on. 

Boston Bruins' head coach Bruce Cassidy would prefer the league was just jumping straight to a 16 team playoff. 

“From our position, I’d rather it be just 16 [teams] with four rounds of seven games and let’s go. That’s the integrity of the playoffs and it’s always been that way. I understand the players' perspective of wanting to get some games in because it gets ramped up in a hurry,” Cassidy said on 98.5 the Sports Hub’s "Toucher and Rich Show" on Wednesday morning. “You understand it’s no-holds barred once you get to the playoffs. That’s tough on the players. Other years they’d be allowed to work out and skate. Most guys are doing nothing. The odd guy in Sweden or in Europe might be skating, so they do need time to ramp it up health-wise.

“At the end of the day, it’s going to be unfair to somebody and that’s just the way it is. If you go with just 16 teams, then what about the last one or two teams on the bubble that don’t make it. Hopefully we got to the 16 teams the right way and it doesn’t hurt us.

That’s where I’m coming from that we don’t get kind of screwed in this process. Because we shouldn’t be. We should be rewarded for our regular season. I don’t think any scenario is going to be perfectly fair and I understand that. I’m just hopeful we get a chance to play, to be honest with you. Our guys know what’s at stake, so they will be ready no matter what the format will be."

What do you think of Cassidy's comments?

At the moment the Bruins are expected to have a first round bye.