The Boston Bruins suffered a brutal loss to the Philadelphia Flyers last night especially a third period breakdown where the Flyers scored 3 goals. 

After getting the nod for the season opener and last night's game, youngster Jeremy Swayman looked far from the goalie he looked in the opener. 

The 22 year old gave up 5 goals on 24 shots not exactly similar to the performance on the weekend where he only gave up 1 goal on 28 shots to the Dallas Stars. 

Head coach Bruce Cassidy commented on Swayman's performance after the game. 

“He’s not going to be perfect every night,” Cassidy said. “Clearly, he wasn’t tonight. Not his best. We needed some saves there when we broke down. That’s it. Just didn’t give us (saves) when we needed them. Our breakdowns were bad in front of him. Wasn’t a lot of quantity, but high quality. Just mistakes from the back end. It’s losing hockey is what it is. That’s how you lose games. You do dumb things, good teams come back at you and they finish.”

The Bruins didn't help Swayman defensively either. 

“We force a play, it’s in our net,” Cassidy said. “Pinch early, it’s in our net. Two-on-ones. Plays like that hurt us big time tonight because we didn’t get the save as well coming back. That was the difference in the game. They took advantage of the opportunities we presented them. Credit them for finishing and finding the open guy. But even the fourth goal, we didn’t defend the two-on-one. We let the pass across for a tap-in. So not only do we turn the puck over, (but) the partner doesn’t defend the two-on-one properly and it’s an easy goal.”

What do you think of Cassidy's comments?