It's  been a training camp full of question marks and drama so far for the Boston Bruins. 

Fortunately most of the "unfit nine" have returned to practice, unfortunately two of them haven't and they're key pieces to the Bruins' success. 

David Pastrnak remains quarantined along with Ondrej Kase. 

Pastrnak is a huge blow if he can't play being one of the league's best snipers and it's not a good look either for Kase who hasn't been able to really get going since being traded over from Anaheim. 

Team president Cam Neely spoke to the media recently and gave an update on Pastrnak as best he could. 

“Of course (we hope things would have played out a little differently),” Neely said. “We had the date for when camp was starting and knew that some players may need to quarantine when they get here, you kind of hope they would get here a little earlier. But we didn’t really have much say in that and that was really left up to the players. And so obviously with what’s played out and transpired you certainly would’ve hoped there’s some different decisions made, but in the long run I don’t know if it’s really going to affect us once we get into Toronto, I think we’ll be fine.”

Neely added he's not sure if and when Pastrnak and Kase will get on the ice. 

“It’s hard to say right now,” Neely said. “My best guess would be Toronto, but there’s hopes that (they will) before we leave, but my best guess would be Toronto.”

“That’s been a little bit unfortunate and disappointing because we do feel that he can be a big part of that secondary scoring,” Neely said. “And it takes time to get adjusted, and we got him at the deadline and then we hit the pause not long after, so he’s still got to get adjusted to our team, our system, his teammates. So it’s been a little disappointing that we haven’t been able to get him on the ice because we did get him for that reason, helping out with the secondary scoring.”