The Boston Bruins might have lost their number one seed. 

After dominating the NHL throughout the season, if they're rusty, they could fall as low as the 4th seed. 

Bruins president Cam Neely is pretty disappointed. 

“With what the team was able to accomplish in the first 70 games and then the point spread we had — not only with the teams in the league, but also with the teams in our division and conference — to kind of have three games dictate where we fall in the conference standings is somewhat disappointing."

"I felt that the players would be amped up and ready to go whether there was round-robin games or play-in games during the playoffs while knowing other teams were playing competitive games. I understood why they landed on 24 [teams]. I just would have liked it without the round-robin for the top four seeds.”

What do you think of Neely's comments?

Source: NBC Sports Boston