The Boston Bruins lost another game today as they dropped their afternoon round robin matchup to the Tampa Bay Lightning. 

With the loss, the Bruins have officially lost the first seed in the Eastern Conference. 

It could mean trouble for the Bruins. 

"Well that part sucks, I'm not going to lie to you," said Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy. "But, that's the situation this year with the stoppage of play. We knew the rules going into it, that we would lose a bit of the advantage we'd gained. We are where we are now. We're just trying to win a hockey game right now, get our game together for 60 minutes so that we can be at our best…this is one year I do believe the seeding is less relevant than others.

"Would I have rather been number one seed? Absolutely, keep it. That's not going to happen…we'll get ready for Washington and play the best game we can and prepare for the postseason. That's our ultimate goal, we have to win 16 games. We knew that going in. That will still be our goal."

If the Bruins finish fourth overall in the seeding, they're likely opponent will be the Pittsburgh Penguins if they can make past the Montreal Canadiens. 

If the Bruins finish fourth and Montreal knocks off Pittsburgh, the Bruins will play Carolina in the first round.