It's a tough finish for the Boston Bruins 2019-20 season. 

The team was ripping through the NHL before the league went on pause because of the COVID pandemic.

Once the league returned, their top seed didn't and they were forced to play in a round robin to try and keep it.

They struggled during the round robin but took care of the Carolina Hurricanes during the first round of the playoffs, but just couldn't take get over the hump against the Tampa Bay Lightning. 

While the team was in the bubble, Tuukka Rask had to leave to deal with a family emergency. 

This upset analyst Mike Milbury along with some Bruins' fans and one fan took it to another embarrassing level with an open letter to Rask. 

"Dear Tuukka:

As a lifelong Bruins fan, I’m disgusted by your cowardly decision to give up.

You QUIT on:
• Boston 
• Your Coaches
• All of Your Teammates 
• Yourself 
• Every Bruins fan

I hope that I NEVER have to see U in a Black & Gold Sweater with the spoked “B” Again!"

Is this embarrassing or do you agree with it?