The NHL is gearing up for it's 24 team playoff and it'll be a very interesting challenge for all teams involved. 

Like any Stanley Cup Playoff series, there will be plenty of mental challenges however this time around it's definitely unique. 

There will be the added challenge of playing in only one of two host cities as well as dealing with all the COVID-19 prevention measures. 

That's what Bruins' head coach Bruce Cassidy says will be the secret to winning.

“I think it will be a mental hurdle [both for] us as coaches and for the leadership group to get the players over,” said Bruins head coach Bruce Cassidy to NBC Sports Boston on a Zoom call when asked about dealing with positive test results once games are being played. “For example, you’re playing along and you say ‘key player’. Who is the biggest player in every playoff series? The spotlight is on the goaltender.

"So let’s say anybody’s goaltender is playing really well and then all of a sudden they have a positive [test]. How is that going to affect the group? That will be the biggest hurdle that everybody is going to have to get over and get past. What will be the protocol? I assume the player would be removed, but for what length of time if the player is asymptomatic? How does it impact the rest of the guys? That will be an unknown and it will be a challenge as a coach.

That’s why once we’re up and running I do believe that the mentally toughest group is the one that’s going to prevail. There will be a need to get over those kinds of things when they occur, or don’t occur. If there’s a false positive and [a player] misses a couple of games, are you going to use that as a crutch? You want to make sure everybody is going to be healthy. That goes for the players and that goes for the coaches as well. I don’t want to bring that into my house either. Those questions need to be answered and there will be challenges. The teams that gets over those things the quickest and just plays will have the best chance to win."

What do you think of Cassidy's comments?

Source: NBC Sports Boston