The Boston Bruins don't have much time this summer to get things regrouped and started for the 2019-20 season. 

With the Stanley Cup run, the team's summer training has been cut short and the turnaround is quick. 

It's a bit easier to digest after you've raised the Cup, however when you've lost there's a lot of emotion to deal with. 

It doesn't help when the NHL gives you a schedule that features a bunch of empty arenas to start the year after playing deep into the playoffs. 

Right off the bat in October and November, the Bruins will head to Dallas, Arizona, Vegas and Colorado, where at that time of the year, it won't be too loud. 

Head coach Bruce Cassidy knows it's going to be a challenge to get the group going for that road trip. 

“We have to get their attention quicker for two reasons,” Cassidy said. “When you come off a season like ours, I think there’s a tendency to be not as focused coming out of it, because guys have lost part of their summer to train, so you’re maybe not up to speed. And you’re not that excited to go into a building in November when there’s maybe not that much on the line.”

He's also hoping to get Jaroslav Halak going as he looks to give Tuukka Rask some rest after the playoff run. 

“He’s not taxed physically or mentally, so I imagine we’re going to lean on him a lot early on and give Tuukka a break early in the year,” Cassidy said. “That should help us. There’s motivation for him. Last year of his deal, so he’s going to want to play well.”

Source: The Athletic