The Boston Bruins put together another dominant game last night as they extended the Stanley Cup Finals series too Game 7. 

Tuukka Rask stood on his head early in the first period and got the job done for the Bruins.

The series now heads back to Boston for Game 7, however both teams will have to wait until Wednesday to drop the puck for the deciding game of the 2019 Stanley Cup Finals. 

With that long break in between games it opens the door for younger guys to get distracted by all the hype in the city. 

Head coach Bruce Cassidy admitted it's a dangerous next couple of days for the younger guys but he'll try and get them through it. 

“When someone’s winning you’ve got a lot of new friends all of a sudden, and old ones are coming out of the woodwork,” the coach said. “And the message, and they’ve been good at that, is stay in your bubble. Take care of your immediate family, but catch up with your friends Thursday, that kind of thing. I’m not trying to be disrespectful, but you’ve really got to be dialed in.

“I don’t know if St. Louis dealt with that or not,” he said. “I’m just saying there is a danger there. I think that’s what Bergy, and Z and Kretch, these guys who have been there are able to get that message out.

“Once the puck drops, you play. You execute or you don’t.”

Source: The Athletic