He's one of the most beloved players in Boston and one of the most hated players across the league. 

Even if he's hated outside Boston, Brad Marchand is still a player that any team would add to their roster in a second. 

While he's known for his hard work on the ice, goal scoring capabilities and stand out play while the team is short handed, he's also known for another skill on the ice. 

Trash talking. 

In the latest NHLPA player poll, the league seems to be divided on his trash talking skills as he not won one but won both trash talking categories. 

Marchand won the "Best Trash Talker" category with 25.87% of the vote with Drew Doughty coming in second with 13.37% of the vote. 

Marchand and Doughty also landed the top two spots for "Worst Trash Talker" with Marchand taking 10.59% of the vote and Doughty 6.85% of the vote.