The Boston Bruins have some time to prepare as they'll only play their exhibition game against Columbus on Thursday. 

In the meantime, the team continues to practice and spend some time together inside the bubble. 

It also looks like they're spending a lot of their time on their phones. 

David Pastrnak sent out a little troll Tweet yesterday when he Tweeted that "In my opinion Tom Wilson is the best goal scorer in the league". 

Pasta received a bit of flack for it and some said his account was hacked but the Tweet was still up Wednesday. 

Then it got a little crazier when Matt Porter of the Boston Globe decided to point a couple of things out including the Pasta tweet. 

Porter also pointed out the Bruins press release about their plans to lock arms for social justice during anthems and how a little while later Tuukka Rask was wearing a Boston Police hat during an interview. 

Brad Marchand didn't appreciate what Porter was trying to do and was straight to the point. 

"Are you fuckin serious porter... this here is why you are part of the problem."

Check out some of the action below: