Last week blogger Jimmy Murphy mentioned from his "sources" that the Boston Bruins had interest in St. Louis Blues forward Brayden Schenn

Like anything Murphy reports, it's usually taken with a grain of salt, however this time it looks like he's at least semi-right. 

Respected NHL insider Bob McKenzie appeared on NBC Sports Overtime on Wednesday and confirmed that the two teams have had trade talks regarding Schenn.

“My understanding on Brayden Schenn and the Boston rumors - and they have been revived over the last week or so - is I do understand that earlier this season Boston did inquire about Brayden Schenn,” indicated McKenzie. “And I never got the feeling that St. Louis was trying to shop Brayden Schenn or trying to get rid of him necessarily, but because of the year they’ve had in St. Louis they’re listening on just about everybody."

McKenzie did state though, that those talks were held earlier this season and there's nothing to say it's ongoing. 

“So at face value, the concept makes sense. I just don’t know if there’s any evidence to suggest that over the last number of days that this is a renewed effort by Boston to try to make something happen, or whether it’s simply a recycling of what we knew earlier in the season, and that is Boston covets a center who plays the game like Brayden Schenn.”

Schenn has another year left on a contract that comes with a $5.125million salary cap hit next season. 

Source: NicholsOnHockey