Despite his long story of success in the NHL, Boston Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask isn't always the most popular with fans. 

He gets criticized a lot and many believe he can't win "the big one". 

Even though he helped lead the Bruins to two Stanley Cup finals, he lost them both. 

Regardless of how fans feel about him, former Bruins' goalie Andrew Raycroft revealed why the locker room loves him so much.

It's because he has such a unique character.  

"The reality is he gets criticized for that here in Boston. He is a bit of a polarizing figure, because he's honest almost all the time ... I've already mentioned Zdeno, Patrice and Krejci, but to have Tuukka there the whole time shows what kind of teammate he is and what kind of character he has. There have been a lot of guys who haven't fit in with this room. There's a lot of guys who just weren't up to the standard of winning here in Boston and that culture that they talk about. But Tuukka has been here through it all with these guys and it shows what kind of teammate he is and what kind of character he has despite sometimes not giving the perfect answer or being 'ho hum' after a loss. The reality is it’s an 82-game season and he's just got to move on to the next one at times. So, I think that’s what the teammates like and respect about Tuukka, he's ready for the next one."

What do you think of Raycroft's comments?

Source: TSN