Before the season started, we are sure nobody would have predicted that the Boston Bruins would have a goaltending controversy on their hands heading into the month of December, but here we are. 


Anton Kuhudobin has won his last four starts, while Tuukka Rask lost his fourth straight start on Sunday.  Rask had a chance to silence a lot of critics and cement his spot as the team’s top net minder against the Edmonton Oilers, but instead he gave up three goals on 35 shots in a 4-2 loss.


“I felt like I tracked the puck well, the rebound control was pretty good,” Rask said, per the Boston Herald. “It didn’t feel like I had a layoff at all. That’s part of being around the league for lot of years: You don’t let yourself get down or too high, and that kind of helps when you have a layoff like that. You can just show up and be ready to play. I felt I was ready to play.”


As far as the controversy that is growing within the local media and fan base, Rask seems like he could not care less about it.


“It’s only a matter of what you guys (in the press) write that makes it a controversy,” said Rask. “For us, it’s not a controversy. Obviously people look at salaries — how much I’m making ($7 million) and how much he’s making ($1.2 million) — and make that a big deal. But if he’s playing very, very good and getting the wins, then I can’t complain.


“It’s been different that I haven’t been playing. It can affect you mentally if you let it. I try not to. Doby has played unbelievable. He’s getting the wins and that’s what matters. We need wins. I totally understand. The only thing I can control is to show up, have a good work ethic and a good attitude. And when you play you try to give the team a chance to win. Obviously, it’s something new, but it hasn’t been affecting me a lot.”


Head coach Bruce Cassidy would not comment on who will get the start in goal Wednesday night versus the Tampa Bay Lightning. 

Source: Boston Herald
Image Credit: Getty Images