With the Boston Bruins winning and head coach Bruce Cassidy deciding to roll with the hot hand in goal in Anton Khudobin, it's raising questions about the team's other goalie. 

The other goalie of course is Tukkka Rask and his $7million a year cap hit. 

Bruins fans are pretty split on Rask, however the goalie did help carry the team for most of last year. 

One person is definitely not a fan of Rask is Bruins reporter, Joe Haggerty. Like Claude Julien last year, Haggerty has taken every opportunity this year to rip into Rask including his most recent column . 

Haggerty mentions that with Rask as their #1 the “Bruins will never win a Stanley Cup with Rask as their No. 1 goaltender, and that should become a real issue in the next few years as the Bruins build back up to contender status.”.

Haggerty goes on to mention that this isn't a new revelation, we've known he's not a #1 for years. 

“Rask proved he wasn’t good enough to carry a talented Bruins team over the top when he crumbled at the end of the 2013 Stanley Cup Final against the Blackhawks, and he’s been spotty, and oft-times unreliable, in big games ever since. It’s time for the Bruins to begin the search process for a goalie that can take them on a Cup run when they’re ready for it. After nine seasons, Rask has proven he isn’t that guy.”

Wow! What do you think of Haggerty's comments?

Source: Joe Haggerty