Boston Bruins head coach Bruce Cassidy was not a happy man after Wednesday’ loss at the Anaheim Ducks and tried to send a message to his defense during his postgame press conference.

“Other than Charlie [McAvoy], these guys have played in the league, and they’re going to need to carry this team a little bit until we find our scoring and until these young guys get comfortable playing on the road,” Cassidy said, per Bruins Daily. “It was a bit of an issue tonight, and guys are going to have to take ownership of that. We’ve got some leaders back there and I hope that they take it to heart, because we had to be better back there.”

The message was received loud and clear and the Bruins blue liners responded in a big way versus the Kings, especially without Torey Krug in the lineup.

"Everyone contributed. We really didn't need to shorten our bench, we weren't worried about certain individuals," said Cassidy last night. "I thought everyone took it to heart to get the job done and do their part. I don't think we did anything fancy, or required any great individual effort. Team effort, no passengers, and everyone did their part."

Cassidy said that his team is sick of losing and learned some lessons along the way.  Do you think the victory in Los Angeles will turn things around for the Bruins?

Image Credit: Boston Herald