Boston Bruins forward David Backes isn't getting any younger, and some people have labeled Backes as the team's worst contract. 

The 33 year old's points per game rate has dropped from 0.77 to 0.73 to 0.57 to 0.51 during the last four years. 

The 0.51 mark during his first year with the Bruins was the lowest in his career since his rookie season. 

Backes recently said he was given a very honest exit review by management and what he should work on this summer, which is speed and agility. 

"We need to be honest in order to improve ourselves," he said. "That was a recognition, probably in January in conversations with Cam (Neely), Don Sweeney, and a little bit with (former head coach) Claude (Julien). This was the way I needed to improve myself. I've really taken that to heart and put the time in this summer."

It's not just the age, moving on from a long time team is never easy, and after a year in Boston, things should be much easier this year. 

"Looking forward to having a year where I can just play hockey, come to a house that's set up, just move my family and dogs and cats in, start living life, and really be able to focus on playing the game and helping our team win," Backes said. "That's what I'm most optimistic about."

Do you think Backes will have a bounce back season earning his $6million?

Source: Boston Globe
Image Credit: CSNNE