Two Bruins had disappointing seasons last year. 

So bad, that both could be easily bought out, however one buy would be more beneficial than the other. 

Matt Beleskey and Jimmy Hayes had extremely subpar seasons and didn't really earn their spot on the roster moving forward. 

Beleskey has already spoken out saying this isn't what he's been brought to Boston to do. He's two years into a five year deal, however a buyout wouldn't really give Bruins general manager Don Sweeney any extra cap relief. 

He's a good roster player to keep unprotected during the upcoming expansion draft, even though Vegas won't take him. Beleskey could be buried in the minors next season. 

Hayes on the other hand seems to be a perfect target for a buyout. The 27 year old has only next season left on his contract, and a buyout would give Sweeney about a extra $1.73million in cap space to play with. 

The B's have plenty of up and coming prospects that could use that bottom six roster spot. 

Hayes' production has been basically invisible, with 29 points in his first season in Boston and five points in 58 games last season. 

Should Sweeney buy out Hayes and get it over with?

Source: mynhltraderumors