May 15, 2017
Greg Boysen

Earlier this month Boston Bruins defenseman revealed that he had gone back to school and finally earning a political science degree from Michigan State University, which was a very big deal for him.

“I’m number three out of four in my family in terms of age – there are four boys,” Krug said in a recent interview with the NHLPA’s official website. “I was the last one to graduate. It’s exciting for my parents to see that. It was a great for our family. All four boys have graduated. My dad (Kyle) is really proud. My mom (Cheryl) is the one that me made promise to finish. My wife Melanie – I went to school with her at Michigan State – really helped to keep me motivated through all of this. Everyone in my social circle knows the commitment that it’s taken to get to this.”

Krug’s Tweet announcing his degree has received nearly 6,000 likes, which caught him a bit off guard.

“You don’t realize how many people it touches and how many people it might inspire,” said Krug. “There were a lot of retweets and replies when I posted it on Twitter. I received a lot of great messages. One said, ‘I’m in community college and struggling to finish, but I’m going to continue to pursue it.’ There were a lot of messages like that. You realize you can help push people to achieve their goals in life. For me, it’s pretty cool to see that. I didn’t realize the weight that it carried with so many people. It took off and it really took me aback.”

With his degree in political science, could there be a run for public office once his hockey career is finished? Well, if he helps the Bruins win another Stanley Cup he can win any local office he wants! 

Source: NHLPA
Image Credit: Getty Images