May 13, 2017
Greg Boysen

The Boston Bruins have been linked to defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk ever since his name hit the rumor mill during the 2015-16 season.  The St. Louis Blues finally decided to trade the 28-year-old defender prior to this season’s trade deadline and the Washington Capitals paid a big price to acquire him.

After a disappointing postseason, Shattenkirk will hit a rather weak free agent market this summer and will be looking for a huge contract.  Although there are many Bruins fans who would like to see Shattenkirk in black and gold next fall, Ty Anderson of WEEI says the Bruins should take a pass.

Anderson is a fan of Shattenkirk’s “incredible production,” but he says that the team does not need him or his giant salary cap hit on the books going forward.

“The number one priority for the Bruins is re-signing restricted free agent David Pastrnak. The good news for the Bruins, of course, is that the player wants to be here, and the Bruins have the money to keep him here. That said, it’s still going to cost some significant coin, likely anywhere from the $5.75 to $6.25 million per year range if I had to guess. That would eat up over half of the B’s projected cap space remaining for next year’s group (the B’s have about $10.4 million at their disposal this summer), and even if a player such as Kevan Miller ($2.5 million) or Adam McQuaid ($2.75 million) is plucked in the expansion draft, it’s still entirely too tight to fit a player such as Shattenkirk into the mix without having to move a piece off your roster somewhere else.”

Do you think the Bruins should sign Kevin Shattenkirk this summer?

Source: WEEI
Image Credit: Getty Images