The Boston Bruins loss fell at the hands of the Bruins penalty kill, but according to many fans, they should have never been put in that position to begin with. 

It probably should have been the other way around, with the Bruins on the powerplay instead of the penalty kill.

B's forward Riley Nash was called for roughing during overtime, however it was literally just a couple of seconds after he took an elbow to the head. 

To make it worse, the player that elbowed Nash, Bobby Ryan, would go on to score the game winning goal on the ensuing power play. 

Despite it being a terrible call, Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy believes no matter what, you still have to kill it. 

“Demoralizing and disappointing. [Officials] called it and once they call it, it’s our job to kill it.” Cassidy said after the game. 

"The call was terrible," Cassidy added, per NESN. "Let's face it, we all saw it. I don't agree with the call but they called it and we've got to kill it."

Riley Nash agreed, in the playoffs, you can't worry about what happened before, you just can't get caught up in the moment and take a penalty. 

“I think it was pretty selfish of me,” a visibly emotional Nash said following Monday’s game according to WEEI. “You can’t make that play, can’t put the refs in that position regardless of what happened before that, you’ve just got to do it, and it’s pretty tough for the boys.”

In the playoffs, you should call both or call neither, however every player is told never get called for a retaliatory penalty. 

Either way, the Bruins are only down 2-1 and just need to worry about the next one. Here's the play in question:

Source: Quotes from ESPN / NESN / WEEI
Image Credit: Bob DeChiara/USA Today Sports