Mark Burke - 

CSNNE’s Joe Haggerty dropped a bomb back on Monday by reporting that general manager Don Sweeney was in the preliminary stages of contacting other teams and gauging their interest in potentially acquiring core pieces off the Bruins roster if the bottom fell out on the season.

Captain Zdeno Chara and forward Brad Marchand were the two players named specifically in Haggerty’s report, while he made sure to add that they weren't the only players being considered. His info was backed by “separate hockey sources,” and the story has drawn plenty of criticism from fans and other media members who see it as simply yet another baseless attempt by Haggs to stir the pot and generate some traffic his way. And by doing so, he again drags those players through the mud and introduces them yet again to the rumor mill even if the information is less than concrete. Hell, the water hasn't even been mixed with powder yet.

Hockey semi-expert Cat Silverman took on the topic the other day on with a fantastically-written article, a piece that deserves your time and while your at it you can throw her a follow on Twitter.

And following in Silverman's thoughts, you can add the radio tandem of David Goucher and Bob Beers to the list.

Following Boston’s 6-2 win against the Avs, Goucher tweeted that Beers had heard that trade speculation involving Chara and Marchand “couldn’t be further from the truth.”

Now, through it all, there is likely a sliver of truth to Haggerty’s report in that Sweeney is phoning other teams asking them what the Bruins could get in return for a player like Chara or Marchand or Loui Eriksson or what have you. However, that would simply be a result of Don Sweeney the GM doing his job.It’s his job to constantly measure which way the wind is blowing around the league and keep his ears open in case something goes down, or in case he does want to make a move. And he wouldn’t be the only GM in the game doing it. Just because Sweeney maybe phones Team X and asks if they’d be interested in Player Y it doesn’t mean that Haggerty should probably take the whispers he hears as fact and dish it out to the public for consumption.

So take of it what you will. Do you believe Haggerty, who has industry sources feeding him something,or the broadcaster of the team that also has some pretty good sources giving him a word or two on the matter?